Hotels auf Cozumel: Übernachten

Where to stay on Cozumel – accommodations

Cozumel offers a variety of ways to stay overnight

Staying on Cozumel, visitors can stay in a variety of different accommodation. There is everything available, from expensive all-inclusive resorts directly on the beach to nice city hotels to simple hostels and apartments. Special attention should be given to staying at Cozumel, depending on personal preferences and budget.

Hotels in the Zona Hoteleria in the south of Cozumel

The all-inclusive resorts are located in the Zona Hoteleria Sur in the south of the island, far out of San Miguel. Therefore, you would need to leave the hotel either by taxi or your own means of transportation. Somewhat more central to stay on Cozumel are the hotels at the southern end of town which are right on the sea. These have largely no all-inclusive offer. But who needs all-inclusive for the rich, tasty and cheap Mexican cuisine?

Hotels in San Miguel de Cozumel

A cheaper but also a great option is to stay overnight on Cozumel in the town of San Miguel. With the money saved you can rent a moped or car and explore the island. In this way, you can get to know the island of Cozumel better and do some of the many activities on offer.

Hotels in the Zona Hoteleria in the north of Cozumel

For the sake of completeness, the Zona Hoteleria Norte is mentioned. Here too you will find hotels to stay overnight. These hotels are also located near the city. At the same time they have access to the sea and often a beautiful beach. Again, these are mostly normal hotels without all-inclusive offers. The beaches in the north do not quite reach the high standards of those in the south. But they are still very nice.


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